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Born to be locked Featured

Born to be locked

Choo, the Chihuahua, loves to be locked in the arms of my wife. He is a lucky one...

I dont like it... Featured

I dont like it...

Bugatti, my Whippet (Snap dog) Dont like to be photographed. But in lokcdown I need to do some shots, so Im sorry my friend.


Cascais, Classic windows of Henrique Sommer House.


I have some difficult to find a clear vision of Christianity, catholic church not inspire me. Nothing its clear or like they say. At Cascais we have statue of John Paul the second, and this is my understand of his vision. With all respect...

L homme qui refusait de mourir II

I see this statue at Cidadela de Cascais and it remember me a men sentenced to death on the gallows. This man is one warrior and refuses to die this way. \\\"Not this way!\\\" Scream. Not this way! I said.