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I have some difficult to find a clear vision of Christianity, catholic church not inspire me. Nothing its clear or like they say. At Cascais we have statue of John Paul the second, and this is my understand of his vision. With all respect...

L homme qui refusait de mourir II

I see this statue at Cidadela de Cascais and it remember me a men sentenced to death on the gallows. This man is one warrior and refuses to die this way. \\\"Not this way!\\\" Scream. Not this way! I said.

L homme Blessé

Inspire for ww2 and this story of wounded warriors, I see a Men, a Soldier, running with out arms... this its a paradox, because our arms are the best importance for running. With out arms you can\'t find balance and you can not run...
So, to this mans who did the impossible.

Nova SBE University - Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library

Nova SBE University, Carcavelos, Cascais Portugal. Teresa e Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library

Talasnal, Aldeias de Xisto XIX

Aldeias de Xisto
Talasnal, Lousã, Coimbra, Portugal

Spice SE89C #104 II

Estoril Classic 2020, 1989 Spice SE89C.
Drivers: Peter FISCHER and Benjamin MONNAY.
Design and constructed by Spice Engineering. With a Ford Cosworth DFZ V8 3.5L naturally aspirated and Hewland DCB 5 speed Manual gearbox. This particular car has the chassis number 2.

ADA 02B #105

Estoril Classic 2020, 1987 ADA 02B Cosworth
Driven by: John Sheldon (GB)/Jerry Mahony (GB)/Ian Harrower (GB) at Le Mans 24 Hours. Built by ADA Engineering, has a Ford Cosworth DFL V8 4V DOHC 3.3L engine. Did not finish the race due to a suspension problem.

Trojan T103-1 #41

Estoril Classic 2017, Philippe Bonny driving the Trojan T103-1.